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"The Fastest Way To Learn The Fundamentals Guaranteed."

Now Including COMMON CORE.

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MathForHomeschool was created on the belief that education should be accessible to any student, at any level, in any location. Student who watch our math videos will work along with Mr. Vargas at their own pace, using the SAME worksheets from the videos.  If his videos don't help your student truly understand and completely master the fundamentals, simply contact us within 30 days and we will offer you a 100% refund.

Why These Videos Work.

  • Flexible Learning. Students can pause and rewind the interactive math videos as often as necessary. Students will work from the privacy and comfort of their own home, allowing them to strengthen their understanding of math in a one-on-one environment, with no outside pressure.

  • Downloadable WorksheetsThese are the SAME worksheets from the videos and are included with purchase. Downloading and printing the worksheets prior to viewing the videos is recommended.  It will allow students follow along and work alongside the teacher.

  • Bonus Worksheets. Additional worksheets are provided with each video package. These worksheets provide extra practice, which is necessary to help students lock in their understanding and truly learn the fundamentals!

  • Answer Keys Included. Check your students work! Or have them check it themselves to see if they notice where a mistake was made. These answer keys will create confidence. They will show students they're understanding the material!

  • ​​Work With A Teacher Who Truly Cares. Mr. Vargas understands students learn at different speeds. He created these videos so students have the opportunity to progress through courses at the pace that works best for them, with proven teaching methods that work.

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee. If these videos aren't the best you've ever used, contact us via email for a 100% refund.


"It All Makes Sense Now!"

Your videos are incredible! Multiplying by two digit numbers use to be so confusing for our daughter. But the color coding and step by step instruction in these videos makes everything click! Thank you very much Mr Vargas!

- Michelle A.

Our family loves these videos and we know you will too. We hope to see and use videos for many years to come. Math is no longer frustrating thanks to the step by step instructions taught in these videos. They are easy to follow and just what we needed to understand common core. Thank you!

- Brittany E.

"Stress Reducer!"

"Common Core Is Easy!"

Parents, if you’re struggling helping your kids with homework, look no further then these videos. I know I'm not the only parent that has struggled with their child to figure out this ‘common core’ homework. Mr. Vargas makes common core math so easy to follow!

- Katelyn W.

"We Need More Videos!"

Please make more videos! The multiplication and division videos are great for our 4th grader son. But we also have a 9th grade daughter who is in Algebra. Any chance we can see some Algebra videos soon??

- Sarah F.

"The Heart of a Teacher."

These videos are excellent and well done.  I like the way Mr Vargas is very specific in the areas of set up.  I believe teachers don’t push that enough in the building/foundational stages of education in general.

- Jenifer R.

"Absolutely Great."

As a homeschool mom of two young boys, I must say that I love these videos. They explain all the necessary steps and the extra worksheets are PERFECT for the extra practice needed to lock it all in. Thank you!

- Tereesa H.

"Thankful For These Videos"

These videos saved our family avoid many battles during homework time! I am so thankful to have found these videos to help my child figure out common core math strategies. Our family looks forward to using these videos to simplify common core math.

- Anna M.

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